Ever hear the saying, “50 is the new 40?” It refers to the flourishing anti-aging trend that’s rewriting what it means to get older in the early 21st century. Leading this new movement are millions of empowered, socially engaged seniors who are proving once and for all that you’re only as old as you feel. Be inspired by Rule #33 of The Purposeful Millionaire, 52 Rules to Create a Life of Wealth Happiness Now, by James R. Nowlin: “Familiarity and comfort are overrated. Do not get trapped in a comfortable existence, because nothing great is ever achieved in comfort.”
Of course, with prolonged life comes the need to support oneself. So in this post, we’ll look at four job skills that can lead to fulfilling second or even third careers. Some of these fields require modest to moderate technical knowledge. Others focus more on so-called “soft skills,” like the ability to speak persuasively and get along with others. But all of them offer wide-open opportunities for people of any age.

Real Estate

Real estate sales are booming in many parts of the country. Here’s why this opportunity is especially suited to seniors:

  • Agents can work full-time, part-time, or on a seasonal basis to match their income needs and lifestyle.
  • In most states, the level of training needed to acquire a real estate license is quite reasonable. For example, Tennessee requires prospects to be at least 18 years old and have 60 hours of training prior to licensure. You can complete the needed coursework online or at a local academy, by yourself or as part of a study group.
  • Senior real estate agents have the maturity and insight to deal with the diverse consumer base found among potential home buyers.

Pet Sitting

Americans spend more than $55 billion on their pets each year, according to CBS News. In fact, for many people, the family pet is more like a child than an animal or possession. So is it any wonder that pet sitters can count on staying busy for the foreseeable future?
Here’s why this career choice is perfect for seniors:

  • Training material is abundant online and from books on the topic.
  • Seniors are, as a whole, reliable, mature, and courteous – all essential qualities a pet sitter.
  • Pet sitting seniors can network together, both for training and for helping each other out with client demands.
  • Startup costs are minimal. An investment of less than $2,000.00 can cover online training classes, equipment and supplies, and basic marketing. Sites like Craigslist offer an easy, low-cost way to advertise.

Medical Transcription and Coding Specialist

This career option offers rich prospects for both aspiring employees and independent contractors, according to the Spruce. Here’s why seniors should consider this career option:

  • Transcriptionists and coders must have fast, accurate typing abilities, a skill which many older persons used for decades throughout their previous careers. Seniors can even learn to type online, either as individuals or in a group.
  • Training requirements are relatively modest. For example, many jobs ask only that applicants complete a one-year certificate program. Online education outlets are plentiful, and many are fully accredited. Retired healthcare workers may already possess most of the needed skills.
  • Many transcriptionists and coders work part-time and/or from their homes, making this an exceptionally flexible income option.
Over-the-Phone Customer Service

The explosive economic growth of the past several years has created a dire need for agents who can resolve customer issues in a professional manner and in a minimal amount of time. Seniors are well suited to this career option for these reasons:
  • Both full-time and part-time opportunities are abundant.
  • Training often occurs in an online format.
  • Work-at-home opportunities are available to those with phone service and/or high-speed internet.
  • In many cases, seniors can enter and complete training together and lend each other mutual encouragement and support throughout the process.

Improving health and expanding economic conditions mean that people of all ages can find career and business prospects suited to almost any training and physical ability level. 

Let the ideas in this post be your springboard to a new career or even a business of your own. Who knows? Perhaps soon you’ll be the one doing the hiring. We wish you all the best in your search.
by Julie Morris