He was a millionaire businessman long before he ever wrote a book on success or got paid to give any speech. At the age of 26, he found himself a first-generation success story bravely walking away from a six-figure practice as a corporate attorney to start his own business. Little did he know at the time, the launch of his corporate consulting firm, Excel Global Partners, would coincide with the worst economic downturn in generations, The Great Recession. Throughout the challenging formative years of his business, James became tougher, wiser, stronger, and grew the company to great success, in spite of daunting odds.

At 31, James almost lost his life in a near-death drowning accident on a stormy lake while kayaking with a friend. Miraculously surviving near impossible conditions, James returned to life with a new sense of purposefulness and a more methodical approach to life, relationships, and business. James calls his 2012 accident, his second birthday and his wake-up call. Just like the storm he survived, he takes any challenge that life hands him with grace and an unshakably positive attitude. James is a purpose-driven man on a mission to share the gold of self-mastery and self-uplift with the world so that others too can live purposeful, abundant, epic lives.

For almost a decade, James quietly grew his business and invested in deepening his own consciousness and self-mastery before ever setting out to coach or motivate anyone else. Because of that, he speaks no-nonsense wisdom and shares words that come from a deep place of substance, experience, and mindfulness. Executives of Fortune companies have relied on him and his firm to objectively navigate them through the most complex financial and operational challenges. James has taken his ability to help business executives behind the scenes to the mainstage – helping anyone dealing with overcoming a challenge, business or personal. Having led presentations before the toughest corporate boards and having spoken in auditoriums filled with thousands, James knows how to connect, deliver the truth, and drive impact. James always says, “In the boardroom or on the mainstage, I will deliver.”

Today, James is having more fun than ever living the life of a purposeful millionaire with global reach. Through grit and persistence, his award-winning firm, Excel Global Partners, has served multi-billion dollar and mid-market clients in 20 states and in more than 16 countries across the world. As a leader in executive-level consulting solutions, he has expanded his firm into a family office of several corporations, now called The EGP Family of Companies.

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In The Purposeful Millionaire, Nowlin shares the four-part formula he used to transform his life into one of abundance and purposefulness.

He believes that if he has survived all the difficulties he has faced throughout his life and still managed to thrive from those challenges, you too can do the same.

The Purposeful Millionaire will help you unlock your higher purpose!

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James speaks power to truth, and shifts paradigms in the mind. He loves public speaking and is darn effective at it!

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“James is our 21st century Napoleon Hill. How fitting that he has produced a practical guidebook for those of us who have thirsted for timeless wisdom made even more relevant for our digital age.”

Anthony Shop, MBA, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, and Thomas Sanchez, President and CEO, Social Driver