The Purposeful Millionaire Appears on Advisor TV

http://advisor.tv/making-bank/s7e2-james-nowlin-ceo-and-founder-of-excel-global-partners-and-author-of-the-purposeful-millionaire S7:E2 JAMES NOWLIN, CEO AND FOUNDER OF EXCEL GLOBAL PARTNERS AND AUTHOR OF THE PURPOSEFUL MILLIONAIRE MAKING BANK James Nowlin is the CEO and Founder of Excel Global Partners and the Author of the book ” The Purposeful Millionaire”. As a result of what he calls his “awakening,” his book describes how the already…

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The Purposeful Millionaire Speaks with Seth Greene on SharkPreneur

SharkPreneur James Nowlin Released: Apr 25, 2017 James R. Nowlin, The Purposeful Millionaire A survivor of a childhood riddled with domestic violence and alcoholism in the rural foothills of southern Virginia, James R. Nowlin is now the millennial CEO and founder of executive consulting firm, Excel Global Partners (EGP). Under James’ leadership, EGP has led successful engagements in 15…

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