VIDEO: 30 Days from The Purposeful Millionaire Book Launch Day!

TITLE:  30 Days from Book Launch Day!

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James Nowlin: Hey guys, it is The Purposeful Millionaire here, I hope that you’re enjoying your wonderful Saturday. We are here in Austin, Texas and I’ve got two of my publicists. I’ve got Andrew O’Brien with me.

Andrew O’Brien: Hey, hey!

James Nowlin: And Erin Schultz with me.

Erin Schultz: Hello.

James Nowlin: Andrew’s got a heck of a story and he’s on his way to becoming a Purposeful Millionaire with his firm, The Publicity Guy, and he’s on his way to seven figures so I’m so proud of Andrew. And Erin is about to head to the airport to fly back to her home in the Hamptons. So she came down to the Hamptons to hang out with us this past week, and as a matter of fact we actually spent the past three, four days in a mansion.

Andrew O’Brien: Three days, yeah.

James Nowlin: Yeah in Austin, and these guys are really, really part of my key strategy, and getting the word out about ‘The Purposeful Millionaire: 52 Ways for Creating a Life of Wealth and Happiness Now.’ So we’re really, really excited about the book, we’re at thirty days out guys, April 25th. Andrew and Erin are going to be getting me on all kinds of TV, they’re going to be getting me on print media, different social media strategies you guys are working on, so you’ll see a lot more of me out there in the news world and in the podcast world, and that kind of thing. So we spent a lot of the day today working on that, and we also spent the past three or four days working on that locked in a house, because this guy forced us to work really, really, really hard. So this stuff is pretty hard guys, and they put the gun to my head to make me get tons and tons of stuff done. Lots of emails sent, lots of contacts sent, and lots of things scheduled too. So I’ll be posting about that on Facebook. Super, super excited about sharing the message of how wealth and prosperity can be yours too, and how these 52 rules can apply to your life by getting your mindset right. It first begins with having the idea, the next thing is to get the plan, then you have to execute upon that plan, and then that leads to success. So it’s idea plus plan plus execution equals success.

One of the things that I talk about in the book is the fact that you are a lot like the people that you surround yourself with. Today I’m surrounded with Andrew and I’m also surrounded by Erin, and these are super, super successful people. If you look at the five or ten people who you spend the most time with in your life, your salary, your compensation, your net worth is probably the closest to those five people. So if you want to change your net worth you have to change your network. I’m with a guy who has given speeches at the White House, who’s given speeches at the Pentagon, who represents me, who’s going to make this book turn on fire with your support, and I want to hear a little bit from Andrew about what his story is all about because it’s a compelling story and he went from giving hundreds of speeches, speaking in front of thousands of people, to start his firm The Publicity Guy to representing people like me to help my book become a success so that we can get the book, the message into the hands of folks like you, business leaders, entrepreneurs, women business owners, veteran business owners, minority business owners who want more out of life but who simply might not know the rules of the game and how it’s played. That’s something that I have been blessed to master. My financial success has manifested itself in wonderful ways in my life, and I’m excited to incorporate people like this guy and this gal into my life. Got to get you back to the Hamptons in your car pretty soon, so I’m looking at the timer, we’re at three minutes and thirty seconds. But Andrew, talk to us about your amazing compelling story, and quite frankly listening to that story was the reason why I decided to hire this guy to help me because I can’t do it alone, but what I do know is that I surround myself with subject matter experts to help me on the journey because this is not a one man show. I did not become a Purposeful Millionaire by being my own secretary, by being my own COO, by being my own CFO. I did it because I was surrounded by a team of competent, smart, strong individuals and I’m around like-minded people who I get, who I dig, who I understand, and who I have a connection with, and we take each other to higher and higher levels.

Andrew O’Brien: Hey guys, so Andrew O’Brien here. James has been absolutely amazing. What he’s got going on here is insane. If you don’t know his story, especially because I just shared this on my timeline as well, if you don’t know his story, you should know his story. It’s quite the event of a life, and coming from me for those of my followers who are watching this, you already know for me to say this is an exciting experience that he’s been through is a pretty big deal. So I’ve been through prostitution, war, suicide, and murder. All of that led into creating my own success. Through those four experiences in my life, and that full transparency is what’s key in business is sharing that because I get people like James to work with me, I get people who are big people, who are out there doing something to leave an impact in the world because that’s what publicity is for. That’s what James is doing, that’s what real entrepreneurs do. Not business owners.

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