VIDEO: How to Let Go and Recharge with The Purposeful Millionaire

TITLE:  How to Let Go and Recharge with The Purposeful Millionaire

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James Nowlin: Hey guys, it’s James, The Purposeful Millionaire here. Hope that you are doing fantastic today. Just wanted to show you how I’m enjoying my Friday. Woke up early, about 5:00 this morning to start work, and it’s about 1:00. I’m out here at the beautiful Becker Vineyards and been working hard this morning, and got in the car with my hunny, and came out here, did some work along the way, sent out some text messages, emails and all that stuff, but left my microphone at home so this podcast- this recording would be a lot longer if I brought my microphone. But I know you guys are audio quality snobs just like me, but yeah so I started my day super focused, I am working on John Lee Dumas’ ‘The Mastery Journal’ and knocking out all of my required tasks early, early, early in the day to maximize productivity and focus. And I’m out here right now in this beautiful, beautiful place. I think we’re in like Gillespie County, Texas. I don’t really know where we are, maybe an hour and a half west of Austin, an hour west of Austin. But this wine country is pretty frickin’ phenomenal, and on weekends they have live music, food trucks; it’s one of the reasons that I love living in the Austin area, there’s just so much to do, so much good wine, so much good food, so much good music and my Friday is starting phenomenally because it’s 1:00 and I get to be out here. Some of the school systems are letting out for Spring Break for next week, so it’s going to probably be pretty busy for this weekend and next weekend. But being a business owner I can work late at night, and work early in the morning, knock my stuff out, be super productive and also be productive on the road. And this is one of the ways that I like to reward myself because honestly for me, probably I would say for the past fifty days I’ve been working seven days a week and not taking a break, not going anywhere, not doing anything, but today I’m doing something special for myself, and that means getting out of the house, getting out of the office, getting out of my normal routine, just to experience something different. And a lot of the time you don’t have to go hop on an airplane or go somewhere fancy or exotic. A lot of the best places are right in your neighborhood, or right in your region. So within a thirty minute drive of your house, or an hour drive of your house, or two hour drive you can change your atmosphere and that can feed energy into your psyche so that you’re a more productive worker and a happier person. For me, when I’m stuck in my office, conference calls back to back, knowing that I’ve got to crank a ten to fourteen hour day, I’ve got to be on a plane, I’ve got to be presenting at a meeting, I’ve got to have this CEO on the line, I’ve got to connect this person with that person, I’ve got to do this, that, and the other, I’ve got to have my team working on a thousand different things. Without leaving the atmosphere of the office and the glass walls of that, I can get really drained, and I’m a human being too, and I need all of the change in atmosphere that I can get in order to be the best possible me. So you know, purposefully living is about knowing what you need to do to recharge. And for me, I’m out here recharging in the sunshine right now before the crowds get here this weekend, enjoying beautiful Becker Vineyards. The Becker family, Dr. Becker and Bonnie live over that way, I’m going to meet them one day soon. I know some people who know them but just haven’t had a chance to visit with them yet. But this place is gorgeous and it’s acres and acres and acres of old vines, they’ve got some new vines over there that they’re planting to expand the capacity of the vineyards. But this stuff is delicious and I’m just going to relax, I’m going to respond to a few text messages, I’m going to get some sun, I’m going to enjoy myself while I’m out here, and you know regardless if I don’t have my microphone or not, it doesn’t matter. I’m just going to chill and breathe some fresh air and enjoy not being in my common day-to-day element which is in a car, in my office, on an airplane, on a phone call, in a presentation or whatever.

So I love doing all those things and I feel very blessed to have those opportunities in my life, but with purposeful living also I require recharging. So do what you need to do to recharge, to get the energy that you need in your life. The sunshine has recharged me right now, just being out here in this environment with the birds singing, it’s March in Austin, it’s fantastic. So I will return a better, fresher person whose creative mind is more open, who can be of better service to his clients, to his family, to his community because I took the time to invest in myself today, and that is breathing, getting some sunshine, and enjoying Becker Vineyards out of the office on a Friday. Ya’ll this is purposeful living. Talk to you later. Purposeful Millionaire signing out.

Hey guys, it’s James, it’s The Purposeful Millionaire here. Hopefully I don’t have any mayonnaise on my mouth, but what I wanted to say also is that being out here in the wine country is not expensive, it’s not complicated, you know this is cheap. I bought a $23 bottle of wine, and brought some picnic food, and some ham and some cheese, and that kind of thing, and just having a really good time relaxing being out of the office. And in order to get stress relief sometimes, it’s not really complicated, and you can’t overthink this kind of stuff, it’s just take the first step and get away, get out of your environment. Because even me, as disciplined as I am, I get into the trap of wanting to be productive all the time but my productivity is not at its maximum rate because I tend to not take breaks, and that’s a problem. And I’m finding that just by being out here today that I’m reenergizing, I’m feeling healthier, I’m feeling more creative, my stress levels are going down, my cortisol levels are going down, my adrenaline is going down, I’m feeling more at peace and more connected with the earth. But yeah, this is nothing fancy. It’s a beautiful vineyard, sure the vineyard is fancy, but I didn’t pay a lot of money to be out here. I didn’t spend a lot to have a bottle of wine, and bring some picnic food from the grocery store, and slather some sauces on a piece of bread and eat that. But it’s good to get out of the element of fancy restaurants, and fancy stuff in day-to-day stuff because you know it kind of just slows you down after a while. What you are used to can slow you down, and comfort and creature comforts, you know just being in your house, or your office, or your car, or your typical pattern on a daily basis can not pull out the best in you. So my goal is to do more of this more often. Force myself that if I have an eighty hour work week or 100 hour work week, to just get out and do something for me, and if I do something for me and I take care of myself, that means that I’m going to be a better boss, I’m going to be a better spouse, I’m going to be a better businessman, I’m going to be a better friend, I’m going to be a better community person, and that’s what all this stuff boils down to, and it’s getting out of yourself. You have to get out of yourself in order to be yourself, and getting trapped into these locked thought processes of, ‘I’ve got to work from 5:00 AM until 7:00 PM, and I can’t leave my office, and I’ve got to hunker down all the time.’ That can wear you out after awhile, so what I’m saying is get out of your element, enjoy nature, breathe, do something different, and it’s going to recharge you and reenergize you, and if you ever feel like you’re kind of getting into the doldrums or whatever, just push yourself. Get out, get out, do something different and you’ll be glad you did.

Alright guys, this is The Purposeful Millionaire signing off. Talk to you later, bye.

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