VIDEO: The Purposeful Millionaire Loves Rescue Pets!

TITLE:  The Purposeful Millionaire Loves Rescue Pets!

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James Nowlin: Hey guys, it’s The Purposeful Millionaire here, hope that you are having a wonderful day. World, say hello to Conrad the rescue cat, this is my baby. He’s a wonderful, wonderful cat, and I got him maybe a year and a half or so ago, and he was the cat at the pound that nobody wanted. His right eye was sealed up with herpes, got a herpes eye infection, we had to give him drops in his eye several times throughout the day, and he was really scrawny and really ugly when we got him. But I wanted the worst looking roughest cat in the pound because I knew that if I could recuperate, fix, help heal, love on that pet, that that pet in return would love me many, many times over. And Conrad has done that. He is incredibly affectionate, he’s kind of like a dog.

And just a few facts and statistics for you about rescue pets. There are more than seven to eight million rescue animals in shelters right now on an annual basis in the United States, and of those seven or eight million, three million will be euthanized annually. And people go out and spend $1,500, $2,500 for a dog and 20% to 30% of the pets at these shelters are already pure breed, and some of them even come from puppy mills. So when you’re rescuing a pet, in some ways they rescue you. And you don’t have to go out and spend a lot of money on a pet, you don’t have to focus on a particular breed, just go to an animal shelter and spend a half a day. And for me, part of my purposeful living message is to share the good news with others of how wonderful rescue pets can be, and the lives of others, how they can make your household so wonderful. When you love them, they love you back many, many times over. When we actually got Conrad, and I was writing ‘The Purposeful Millionaire,’ our dog Katie was alive, she actually passed away during the writing of ‘The Purposeful Millionaire,’ we had had her for ten years, she and Conrad were best friends. So dogs and cats can get along, they had a wonderful relationship, they would lay by the fireplace together, and just enjoy each other throughout the door. And Katie would wag her tail and Conrad would play this game where he would swat at her tail, but Katie was also a rescue animal. She was in bad shape when we got her, and we helped her to heal and to get better, and it was a little rough in the beginning with her because of illness, but not all rescue pets are ill or whatever, and you don’t have to do all that stuff that we did, and you don’t have to get the scrawniest one at the pound, you can get the healthiest one at the pound if you want to. But Katie is probably the most affectionate dog that I have ever had or ever will have, and Conrad is probably the most loving cat that I might ever have. So Katie was number one in affection, Conrad is probably number one in being loving. But this little guy is awesome and he is right at home here in this house, and I’m so glad we have him.

So all being said, you’ve got the statistics on rescue animals, why it’s important to consider adopting one and that kind of thing. Share that news with your friends. Know that you can save your money and they’re wonderful pets. Right in every city, county in the United States open and ready for adoption. So that’s one of my big three causes is pushing the message of prevention of animal cruelty and making sure that people are aware of the power of rescue animals and the accessibility that you have to them right in your town, your city, your county wherever you live. And I’ve got two other issues that are huge to me. One is domestic violence and the other one is the prevention of HIV/Aids. So my big three, my big three guys, are rescue pets, domestic violence, and HIV/Aids. You’ll hear me talking about those things time and time again. There’s other issues that are important to me that I would love to talk about, but I’ve got to pick three and those are my three biggies that you’ll hear me talking about in my journey of purposefully living, sharing the message of what is really important to me, what I can use my stage to really influence change in the world, and to get that message out to others.

So Conrad the rescue cat, the really ambitious rescue cat who sleeps probably 22 hours out of a 24 hour day is signing off. He’s about to fall asleep.

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