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TITLE:  The Purposeful Millionaire by James R. Nowlin Short Version Intro

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James Nowlin:

Hey guys, it’s James, The Purposeful Millionaire here to talk about my book. ‘So James, what’s this book about that you’ve published?’ Well for me it’s more than a motivational book. It is my testimonial, my manifesto to every man, woman, and child that he or she can be everything that that person imagined that he or she could ever be if they get one thing in order in their lives, and that is their mind. You see this book is so important to me because it wasn’t until I hit rock bottom with things like almost declaring bankruptcy, almost losing my house, almost running a company that failed. All these things struck me and I didn’t know how to deal with them until I learned, ‘You know what? James, maybe you are what’s limiting your success in this world. Maybe it’s you that is pushing away the abundance in your life instead of attracting the abundance in your life.’

So one day I got home and I sat down at my desk, and I did some reflecting, and I tried to figure out, ‘Well what is it that I’m doing wrong? And what part of the equation of success am I not mastering?’ And a simple formula came to me, and that formula was idea plus plan plus execution equals success. You’ve got to get the idea, you’ve got to hash out a plan, you’ve got to spend a lot of time executing, but if you do that for whatever you dream and what is ever in your subconscious, it will become true, and that’s what success is.

Guys I’m really fortunate to be a self-made millionaire at the age that I am, and to not just do that but to have rich relationships, and abundance, and happiness, and so many things that I never imagined as a child growing up in a rural area, and being the first one in his family to leave home to go to college.

Now it doesn’t matter if you are a blue collar millionaire, or want to be a white collar millionaire, or whatever, all money is green. It doesn’t matter to me. What matters is that you apply the rules of this book to your idea and your plan, you stick to the success formula, and you achieve success. And that’s what being a Purposeful Millionaire is all about. It’s about sticking to that formula, knowing the 52 rules in your subconscious so that when an opportunity or challenge or question comes your way, you know how to approach that opportunity, or idea, or question, or challenge, and that’s what I’ve done. Little victories have led to larger victories, and larger victories have led to even larger victories, and along the way I learned a lot. And for me there was no magic mentor, no uncle, no person to guide me or shepherd me through this process, and I want to share with you what I’ve learned.

As somebody who is authentic to himself, who is willing to share not only tragic things that have happened to me that I’ve overcome in that memoir, but to really give you the story of a humble guy who had a dream, and who has achieved it, and that dream is multiplying, and multiplying, and multiplying because of his mastery of self, his daily disciplines, his daily habits to make sure that his subconscious is where it is supposed to be.

So I invite you to join me. Visit my website at Join our Purposeful Millionaire club, sign up for our newsletter. I’m going to send you inspirational quotes, exercises, all kinds of things in your email inbox to keep you on the path to becoming a Purposeful Millionaire, and best of all it’s free. If you want to buy my book, great. That’s very important that you master the 52 rules in the book, that you understand how to think in terms of abundance, and get rid of what’s limiting you in your mind and locking you up from achieving your greatest success. Do that, but also sign up for the newsletter and we’ll be looking forward for you to be a Purposeful Millionaire on this journey with me because I don’t want to be here alone, but I certainly want to make it a lot easier for you.

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